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GALAXY GALJIBY JACKS in the BOX XLR Splitter >>>>GALAXY JACKS in the BOX / Splitter Splits a microphone to two different inputs, like a POWERED HOT SPOT (or other powered monitor) and a console $49.95
GALAXY Multi Mixer JIB/MM>>>>GALAXY Multi Mixer JIB/MM Multi Mixer (JIB/MM) is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. $129.00
GALAXY Audio Polarity Tester W/Transmitter and Receiver>>>>GALAXY Audio Polarity Tester W/Transmitter and Receiver TRS/XLR In/Out internal mic speaker $169.00
GALAXY CM-130 SPL (Sound Pressure Level) MeterGALAXY CM-130 SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Meter Today, there is a need to know just how loud your surroundings really are. The CHECK MATES are inexpensive tools everybody should own. $99.95
GALAXY JACKS GALJIBS in the BOX / 4-Way Splitter >>>>GALAXY JACKS in the BOX / 4-Way Splitter Splits a single monitor feed to as many as four POWERED HOT SPOTS (or other powered monitors) Splits a single headphone feed to multiple headphones $49.95
GALAXY JIBC XLR Combiner >>>>GALAXY JIBC XLR combiner. Join microphones, mixers, powered speakers. Magic gadget. $49.95
GALAXY JIBR JACKS in the BOX / RCA Combiner>>>>GALAXY JACKS in the BOX / RCA Combiner Combines (sums) two stereo CD or tape players into one mono (XLR or inch) output $49.95
GALAXY JICBT Cable Tester XLR 1/4" RCA 1/8" SPEAKON DIN >>>>GALAXY J Cable Tester (JIB/CT) was designed to test cables quickly and simply. The CT tests 6 different types of cables, XLR, , RCA, 1/8, Speakon, DIN (Midi). $99.95
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