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a)CAD 201R Cardioid Button Boundary BlackCAD 201R Cardioid Button Boundary Black "button" style boundary mics for use in teleconferencing,voice lift sound reinforcement. Also used in surveillance, ambient recording or audio observation $249.00
b)CAD 901R Cardioid Desktop Boundary MicCAD 901R Cardioid Desktop Boundary Mic Hemi-Cardioid Desktop Boundary Condenser Microphone Portable or mounted boundary mic for use on conference tables or stage floors $229.00
c)CAD 202R Omni Button Boundary BlackCAD 202R Omni Button Boundary Miniature installation omnidirectional button style condenser boundary mics for use in teleconferencing,voice lift,SR surveillance,ambient recording & audio observation $249.00
d)CAD 210 Omni Variable Line Output ButtonCAD 210 Omni Variable Line Output Button miniature-boundary mic designed for installation in security, ambient monitoring and observation applications. Internal audio limiter circuitry controls HSPL $399.00
e)CAD 220VP Variable Pattern Button Boundary MicCAD220VP Variable Pattern Button Boundary Mic is an inconspicuous, button-style, condenser boundary microphone designed for surface installation in surfaces up to 3" thick. $299.00
f)CAD 930VPL Variable Polar Pattern Boundary MicCAD 930VPL Variable Polar Pattern Boundary Mic designed to resist interference from devices such as cell phones and two-way communication devices.. Bypassing mute Also available in white CAD930VPW $399.00
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