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1)CAD NB1 Noise Isolating Earphones with Extended BassCAD NB1 Noise Isolating Earphones with Extended Bass Compatible with iPod iPhone and MP3 players Includes 1/8" stereo mini plug, 1/4" stereo plug, airline adapter and nylon carrying case $49.95
2)CAD NB1B Noise Isolating EarphonesCADNB1B Noise Isolating Earphones Up to 3x enhanced bass performance High output 8.5mm driver with neodymium magnet for clear, robust audio Frequency response: 20Hz 0 18kHz $69.40
3)CAD NB2 Noise-Cancelling Professional EarphonesCAD NB2 Noise-Cancelling Professional Earphones Active noise canceling headphones professional grade in-ear monitors superb sound quality. High output 9mm driver with neodymium magnet $69.95
4)MH110 Studio Monitor HeadphoneMH110 Studio Monitor Headphone circumaural, precision-built monitor headphone. The MH110 is equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers offering extended frequency response $69.95
5)CAD DH100 Drummers Isolation HeadphonesCAD DH100 Drummers Isolation Headphones are a high quality, stereo headphone that allows you to hear music through the headphones, or a click track during recording sessions $79.95
6)CAD HA4 4 CHANNEL PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONE AMPLIFIERThe HA4 is a compact stereo headphone amplifier featuring four discrete channels with individual volume controls $79.95
7)CAD MH310 Studio Monitor HeadphoneCAD MH310 Studio Monitor Headphone closed back, circumaural, precision built monitor headphone equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers offering extended frequency response $99.95
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