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FORMULA SOUND AT1 Automatic Volume Controller for Sentry MKIIFORMULA SOUND AT1 Automatic Volume Controller for Sentry MKII. The AT1 is our latest noise control product. To be used with Sentry Mk2 stereo unit and controls the volume level of an audio system. $1,299.00
FORMULA SOUND AVC2D Stereo Sound Level Controller XLR In/Out Tamper Proof 1uAVC2 is an intelligent volume control operation. When average operating level is below internally set threshold, AVC2 has no effect. When average level exceeds threshold, AVC2 reduces output. $1,999.00
FORMULA SOUND CX4 MKIII 4 Channel Noise Limiter with Mic/Line PriorityFORMULA SOUND CX4 MKIII Unit is not restricted to entertainment venues. May be used with any sound system. Ideal for shopping centres, malls & public areas where security announcements are required. $2,299.00
FORMULA SOUND SENTRY MKII Wall Mount Contact Control Noise LimiterFORMULA SOUND SENTRYMKII Wall Mount Contact Control Noise Limiter.With the strict noise regulations in force today no one can afford to contravene noise levels laid down by the local governing body $1,999.00
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