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DA134 Stereo 4 ch Distribution Amplifier Distribution Amplifier DA134 Expands the output of a stereo device to multiple outputs Can raise the output level to true line level for any output Stereo 4 channel distribution amplifier $229.00
HR155 HR155.5 watts Rack Mount Monitor speaker HR155 5 watts Rack Mount Monitor is ideal for speaker monitoring anywhere space is limited. The all metal chassis of the HR155 will insure years of reliable use. $219.00
PA 202 Stereo 20w/ch class D amp Works with 4 or 8 ohm loads.PA202 Stereo 20w/ch class D amp Small general purpose audio power amplifier for projector, ceiling mount, or rack monitoring. Great for boardroom and classroom applications. $349.00
PA71 Plus Mixer Amplifier desktop power amplifier for powering small speakers PA71 Plus Mixer Amplifier A desktop power amplifier for powering small speakers Stereo input & mono, output of 5 watts into 8 Ohms. XLR microphone input with switchable 12v phantom power $149.00
RA63s 8 ch mono, or 4 ch stereo distribution amplifier 1 RACKRA63s is an eight channel mono, or four channel stereo distribution amplifier designed for the contractor / install market. The outputs are designed to drive high-level balanced lines $329.00
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