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ABC904 Route Three passive stereo or mono signal switching deviceABC904 is used to select between three guitars to a single amplifier, or possibly a single guitar switched to three separate amplifiers. $209.00
ADB2 Phantom Direct BoxThe ADB2 Phantom Direct Box is powered by standard microphone phantom power from 9-48 VDC and uses a discrete low-noise differential driver to make it very quiet. $79.95
CPB7 Smart Phone Break Out BoxCCPB7 Smart Phone Break Out Box connect various inputs and outputs to your smart phone. $169.00
DB14B A/V Presenter is a special purpose direct box DB14B A/V Presenter is a special purpose direct box for applications where a stereo source signal can be separated, and individual volume controls used for each track. $99.95
DB225 PROFESSIONAL DIRECT BOXDB225 PROFESSIONAL DIRECT BOX is transformer balanced, passive. It has a Ground Lift switch for hum elimination, an Attenuator switch for padding input signal from -20 or -40dB. $119.00
DB227 Podcast Pro Microphone/Sorce mixer.DB227 Podcast Pro Microphone/Sorce mixer. designed to mix a microphone with a source signal either RCA or 3.5mm (1/8) signals. To a single XLR output at microphone level. $169.00
DB24 Stereo 2ch Stereo Direct InterfaceDB24 Stereo Direct Interface 2 ch isolation device to connect high impedance devices to low impedance.The unit is completely passive, & utilizes Rolls proprietary audio transformers for superior sound $129.00
DB25b MATCHBOX balanced, passive direct box.DB25b MATCHBOX is a transformer balanced, passive direct box. It features a Ground Lift switch for hum elimination, and an Attenuator control for padding the input signal from -20dB to -infinity dB. $49.95
DU30b Mic-Preamp/Audio DuckerDU30b Mic-Preamp/Audio Ducker is a microphone preamp and background music preamp. When an announcement is made into the microphone, the music is automatically "ducked" under the announcement. $149.00
GS76R GAME SHOW CONTROLLERGS76R is a teaching aid for quizzing students on subjects or ideas. Contestants try to "Buzz In" with correct answers first, thereby blocking out other contestants. $399.00
HE18 2 ch audio hum & buzz remover.HE18 2 ch audio hum & buzz remover. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have 50/60 cycle hum in your sound.Eliminate virtually all ground hum and buzz by inserting the HE18 into the audio path $89.95
MB15b Promatch Stereo Direct Box and MoreMB15 ProMatch converts consumer level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR professional line level, and back. One side of the unit, labeled 1, has two XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs. $129.00
MB35 USB DI/Level Matcher- Stereo Direct BoxMB35 converts stereo consumer level signals to professional line level signals - and vice versa. It may also serve as a balanced inline level control by patching the four RCA jacks together. $229.00
MM11 Mic Mute Professional Microphone Muting SwitchThe MM11 MicMute is a simple device designed to temporarily mute balanced XLR signal. The MM11 will pass phantom power, with no popping on the outputs when switched. Simply press the switch for muting $79.95
MM11 Pro Switchable Mic Mute/Talk Professional Microphone SwitchMM11 Pro MicMute is a simple device designed to temporarily mute or talk a balanced XLR signal. Very similar to the MM11, but the \"PRO\" version has push to talk or push to mute switch $99.95
MP128 MIDI foot controllerMP128 is a MIDI foot controller designed to send MIDI program change on any of the 16 MIDI channels, or MIDI song select with start and stop buttons $329.00
MP13 Mini-Mic Preamp single ch Mic Preamp MP13 Mini-Mic Preamp single ch Mic Preamp for a variety of applications. The unit has XLR and 1/4" Outputs, XLR and 1/8" Inputs $129.00
MP322 Media Card Reader/PlayerMP322 Media Card Reader/Player Play MP3 music stored on USB, SD or MMC cards Download MP3 music from a PC to SD or MMC cards via USB.Inc RCA & 3.5 mm audio cables $199.00
MS111 MICROPHONE MUTING SWITCHROLLS MS111 is a general purpose muting switch for microphones. The MS111 will pass phantom power, with no popping on the outputs. It can be Push to Mute or release to Mute by a second switch $99.95
MS20c Mic Splitter/Combiner/IsolatorROLLS MS20c Splitter/Combiner/Isolator Splits a single balanced XLR signal to 2 isolated signals, combine 2 balanced XLR signals into a single, or isolate a balanced line for buzz/ hum elimination. $79.95
RDB104 Quad Active Direct BoxRDB104 Quad Active Direct Box Each channel of this powerful impedance matching device has 2 paralleled 1/4" inputs (one front, one rear), an input level control, and electronically balanced XLR outs $349.00
RP8 dual momentary contact foot switchRP8 dual momentary contact foot switch with a single TRS 1/4" input/output connector. The sleeve of the jack is common to the 2 switches and the tip connects to one switch and the ring to the other. $49.95
RPB486. 48 volts phantom power for up to 6 condenser microphones RPB486 powers up to 6 condenser microphones with 48 volts of ultra clean phantom power. The outputs are XLR balanced for easy connection to a digital multi-track recorder. $249.00
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