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Azden FMX-32A 3-Channel Portable Field MixerAZD FMX-32a
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Compact & Portable Metal Chassis Enhanced Circuitry 3 XLR Mic Inputs w/Level Control Switchable Phantom Switchable Limiters XLR & Mini Outputs 1/4" Headphone Jack with Level Control 5-Step LED Array
 Azden FMX-32A 3-Channel Portable Field Mixer
The Azden FMX-32A 3-Channel Portable Field Mixer is a portable 3-channel audio mixer designed for professional field audio capturing. The FMX-32A features the same compact design and primary features as the FMX-32, now with the circuit topology of the FMX-42 series mixers. This provides an improved signal to noise ratio and a wider frequency response, ideal for professional applications.

The mixer features a compact and durable metal chassis that can be strapped directly to a camera with the supplied hook-and-loop fastener, or worn around the neck with an optional carrying case. The mixer has 3 balanced XLR microphone inputs with 2 input settings and +48VDC phantom power for use with condenser microphones. Each channel has its own input level control and a switchable limiter. There is also a master level control for adjusting the overall signal.

The mixer has channel-addressable (L-C-R) stereo XLR and mini outputs, plus a 1/4" headphone monitoring jack with its own level control. A 5-step LED array offers visual signal monitoring. The mixer can operate via 6 standard AA batteries for convenient use in the field. It can also be used with an optional 12VDC power supply for longer recording sessions.

High-Quality Circuitry , ideal for professional applications
Portable and Durable
The compact and durable metal chassis provides lasting durability that with

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