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Since the early 1970's, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing, and touring with some of the most innovative loudspeaker systems in the industry. For years, our custom crafted cabinets have been used by some of the biggest names in the business. Now, through continuing development, our loudspeakers have evolved to the highest level of sonic engineering; the perfect union of craftsmanship and technology. Our loudspeakers reproduce any input source with an uncolored accuracy not possible by any others in their category.

SLS 12inch Two Way Cabinets
SLS 15inch Two Way Cabinets
SLS 8inch Two Way Cabinets
SLS Commercial Series
SLS Dual 4.5inch Two Way Cabinets
SLS LS6500 Line Array Module
SLS LS7500 Line Array Module
SLS LS8800 Line Array Module
SLS LS9000 Line Array Module
SLS LS9900 Line Array Module
SLS Point Source Cabinets
SLS Professional Subwoofers
SLS Stage Monitors
SLS Studio Monitor Series
SLS True Line Array Columns
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